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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program


By: Drs. Karl E. Bauman, Vangie A. Foshee, and Susan T. Ennett of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Public Health


Part 1: Introduction

To help families prevent young teens from drinking alcoholic beverages, (such as beer, wine, wine coolers, and mixed drinks), and from smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco.


Part 2:

Section 1 – Focuses on changes children experience as they become teenagers.

Section 2 – What makes a family work well together?


Part 3:  Focuses on ways families can help keep teens from using or abusing alcohol and tobacco.


Part 4:  Focuses on how influences outside the family—such as peers and the mass media-can encourage your teenager to use alcohol and tobacco. It also shows how families can help fight negative outside influences and encourage positive influences.