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Anger Management
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Addressing anger management issues with effective  solutions


Two-Day Workshop on Anger Management


Outline of Curriculum

(Each workshop can vary in length)


Part 1/Day 1                                                       

Introduction of Agency    
1. Anger Management    
a. Anger is response emotion                    

b. Dealing with anger                                     

c.Tools for controlling anger                     

d.Solutions and alternativeresponses                                                                                              


1. Discuss - Engagement of whole group                      


Part 2/Day 2

Building Healthy Relationships


2. Ways to cope with anger


a. Consider actions and consequences

b. Select effective responses

c. Group discussion and role-play

d. Evaluation of outcome- type ofresponses    

2. Discuss -Engagement of whole group

Resources for Anger Management Curriculum


Course implementation:


o   Brief descriptions of anger; course key points

o   Definitions of behavior

o   Exercises to be completed by students

o   Do’s and Don’ts  for students to review

o   Positive responses and alternatives


SourcesBooks to be considered for additional information on topic:


o   The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.

o   Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century by Ari Novick, Ph.D and Tony Fiore, Ph.D.

                 o   Anger Management for Youth: Stemmin